One-to-One Advantages

You can start training your puppy as soon as you get it, even before he has had his inoculations, because the training starts indoors. This prevents bad habits forming, both for you and your puppy.
The puppy learns without distractions so he, and you, can concentrate better. (He can go to a class situation later, when he has learned the basics)
You can ask 'silly' questions without feeing stupid in front of other people.
If your puppy has a particular problem we can spend time on it, which cannot be done when there are others in the class to consider.
We can discuss how best to socialise your puppy. (Sometimes mixing with a rowdy class straightaway is not the best thing) I use my own dogs for the start of socialisation.
Recalls and heelwork can be taught in a natural situation, not a hall.
If your puppy is either timid, or headstrong, the close proximity of other puppies can be detrimental to learning.
If you have an older dog with a problem, you need individual attention
Often the problems need to be dealt with where they occur, not in a hall i.e heelwork, recalls.
If your dog has aggression issues, putting it with lots of other dogs is not the answer. You need to be shown what to do in a controlled situation.
I can spent time watching how the problem develops in different situations and see why it's happening and the best way to deal with it.
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